Human’s desire creation. They want to make things. Empires. Legacies. Art. All creation comes from a place of solitude, whether you are an artist or a finance executive. That content inside your head only gives you an edge over your competition if you pair those ideas with hard work. Sometimes we want to delegate this hard work. We have the ideas, the conceptualization for where we want to go, but fear the work. What we ultimately learn is that your creativity, your edge, cannot be passed on to another for fulfillment. You must do the thing by yourself, in your own way, because only you know what that means.

We want to involve others in the process, to remain inclusive and community oriented, but the only thing we end up doing is fragmenting our vision. At some point, you need to go forward and get your hands dirty or you risk putting your ideas on the chopping block for others to tear apart like a bunch of vultures. You cannot outsource your entire life. You cannot pay for everything you want done.

Stop consuming, and start creating

This push towards creativity means a move towards solitude. You need time within your own head, to hone your ideas and to execute them. No one can get inside of your head and do this for you. Your success or failure depends on your willingness to get within yourself, embrace solitude, and follow your vision.


Solitude is not a condition to be feared. Time away from others, from social media, television, and all of those other distractions in life frees you to unlock all that lives within yourself. Technology stops us from seeing ourselves.

This constant connection to everyone and everything gives us the jitters when we turn off our phone for a day. We believe ourselves so indispensable to the world that our prescience is constantly needed. In reality, none of us are so important that the world will stop spinning without us.

Acting as social creatures stunts us from finding our true self, which is a prerequisite to creation. Around others we are always selling ourselves, always performing. We hide a bit of ourselves. Solitude unlocks these bits of us that we keep deep within our selves.

When you reach in to this part of you and begin using it to create or push forth your ideas you are starting to get things right. In this place lies universality. Within those parts of solitude you discover how others crave, struggle, or search for the same things as you. We fear solitude for the loneliness it sometimes brings, not recognizing that when you find yourself in solitude you are never really alone.

Love and solitude are opposite sides of the same coin. Both are necessary for existence. While love is outer, solitude is inner, a process of respecting and admiring your own mind so much that you delve in to its depths now and again. Just as you cannot appreciate one without the other, you cannot create good work without occasionally locking yourself away from others and following the vision in your head.

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