There is a difference between showing up, and doing the work. Usually you can do the work anywhere. The work comes from inside, and doesn’t need a specific location to happen. But, you can show up only where you can be noticed. You can show up and half ass the work, or not do it at all. You can show up and preen yourself like a peacock, displaying a bunch of bluster and effort, spending money to prove that you can, walking with swagger. Or, you can just do the work.

Most of your actions when you are doing the work is mundane and would put onlookers to sleep. Doing the work is not glamorous or exciting. Showing up is exciting, especially when you can show up and act the part of the entrepreneur, artist, or financier. But, doing the work, the grind, that is so boring on a micro level but so important on a macro level.

So many want to just show up, send a few emails, talk about what they are going to do, get lunch, talk some more, and then call it a day. You can show up all you want, but if you do not do the work then showing up means nothing.

Anyone can talk. Anyone can show up. Few can actually do the work. Few want to do the work. Their egos like the attention of showing up, and hate the work. Doing the work requires finding a different motivation besides your ego getting massaged.

Doing the work requires you find something else to love. That could be a chip on your shoulder from all the people that said you’d amount to nothing. Or, maybe you love the challenge. Or the game. Whatever it is, find something outside yourself, something larger that can continue to give motivation no matter what level of success you reach.

If you value the money, the accolades, the compliments then just keep showing up. They will continue as long as you keep dancing for the crowd like a monkey. When the spectacle stops so does the ego boosting.

But, if you keep a larger aim in sight all of those other things will come. Those accolade and compliments are byproducts of doing the work and doing it well. Showing up is the short cut, and doing the work the long game. Always play the long game.

If you have been doing the work, not just showing up, and want to punch all those phony people in the face, let it go. It doesn’t matter. They don’t matter. You are working hard, putting in the time, in quiet, while others are basking in the spotlight and doing nothing. I understand the frustration. But, know that it doesn’t matter. All that matters is the result. What have you done. What are you doing. The results will speak for themselves. So, keep doing the work. Let those that show up, keep showing up. Their time in the light will end soon enough.

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