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Thoughts are the framework with which we see the world. These thoughts are influenced by religion, our upbringing, education, relationships, and much more. Our thoughts define how we look at any situation. Change your thought and change your life.

In creative or entrepreneurial endeavors we start with a question. How can I improve this? What should I do here? When you ponder something you solidify in your mind a concept that is either true or false.

The actualization of this concept in reality has two parts: an idea and an action. An idea untested in reality is a hypothesis. An idea is the bridge between that internally generated thought and the external end result, the action.

Action is taking that idea and making it happen. If the action fails then we return to the idea and either adjust the idea to compensate for what caused the failed action or we look at the idea through a different thought process all together.

But, the mind can also work in reverse with this process. Since life requires constant action you can start with the end result, the action, out of impulse, and not know the idea and thought.

Think, for a minute, how this would influence your life. If you acted, and then took the time to figure out why you did what you did do you think you would find greater or worse success in your endeavors? I hope your answer was worse. As I think you see, when you act on a whim sometimes you get it right, but most of the time you screw it up because your actions are reactive. 

Your vision, your thought, your why, or whatever you want to call it, drives your actions. Thoughts are powerful. Humans are the only creatures capable of changing their attitudes and whole lives, for that matter, by changing their thoughts. We can instantly alter our emotions just by focusing on a different thought process. Positive thinking matters.

So, what thought process drives your actions? Are you run by creating value, or making money at all costs? Do you want to build the biggest tower in town, or tear everyone else’s tower to the ground so your hut can lord over them? Are you doing something because you couldn’t live with yourself if you didn’t, or because you don’t feel like putting in the work to do anything else?

So many times we focus on changing our actions, but keep our operating system the same. Instead of addressing the large problem that would change everything else, we focus on the external, easily seen problem. But, that surface level problem is usually a reflection of a deeper inconsistency or issue.

Changing your thoughts, focusing on positive thinking, requires much more effort than addressing the surface issue. While you can’t undo the past, and forget your influences, you can rewrite your current thoughts. One of the most self limiting beliefs I’ve seen is using the past as a crutch to justify your current situation and the future. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, a “see I knew this was going to happen” scenario where you limit your creativity and potential.

Change your Thought and Change your Life

We all have reasons to give up. We all have reasons to not take chances. Right now, stop thinking that you are unique. Your life doesn’t suck any worse than anyone else’s life. What does suck is your attitude, and the belief that you can or can’t do something based on the circumstances you’ve been given. Life, after all, would not be worth living if we didn’t have beautiful challenges. So, when you spiral downward and want to give up, here are a few  ways you can change your thought and change your life:

1. Create a list of rules to live life by
 2. On a 3 x5 notecard write your top 3 lifetime goals and read them every morning
 3. Purge your negative thoughts in a journal or audio recording
 4. Exercise
 5. Do Yoga
 6. Articulate the worst case scenario
 7. Talk to an inspiring friend
 8. Watch some comedy and laugh
 9. Listen to upbeat, positive music
 10. Meditate

This is just a quick list of a few of the things I’ve done to change my thoughts either in the moment or for the long term and create positive thinking. When I first started out, I had to do many of these things daily to rewire my mind to think in a different way. The mind wants to revert to what it knows, what thousands of years of evolution have trained it to think. (Pain is bad, avoid pain!) You need to train the mind to stay on track with your objectives.

After all, staying on track and building daily momentum with positive thinking is the only way to get from where you are now to that dream you are so passionate about.

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