There are many apps out there dedicated to helping you get motivated and focus on your health and wellness. I’ve spent a lot of time researching and testing this category, and here are some of my favorites. Links are included.

This list is an appendix for the Resources Series Book: Developing Healthy Addictions

Health and Wellness:

Freeletics– a freemium (free but with paid features) app that provides body weight workouts varying in length from 10-25 minutes. Short effective workouts to help you start getting in shape, or bust out quick workouts when your time is limited. The app also tracks your workouts.

Strava– Tracks running, biking, hiking, walking, swimming and many other cardio workouts. Another freemium app. Ability to upload photos and put in notes about your workout help the documenting process. Workouts can be made public or private.

Eat This Much– Enter in your dietary restrictions, caloric intake, and your daily budget for food. This app will develop a meal plan for the day based on your criterion. This is meal planning and documenting made easy.

Livestrong Calorie Counter– This app syncs with your apple health kit to give you an update on how many calories you need to eat or not eat to meet your daily goal. Start by setting a goal, weight loss or gain, and your current baseline height and weight. The app is a bit tedious as you do need to enter in your meals, but his method helps you remain intentional about what you eat. Plus there is a great database of foods already searchable. I just add in the food after every meal so I’m staying on top of it. You can get meal plans sent to you vi email as well.

I also really like that his app tracks your water intake, as most of us do not drink enough water during the day.

Moment– this app tracks your phone usage. Start the app and then just let it run. Moment will collect the number of times you pick up your phone and look at the screen, number of hours spent on your phone, and the amount of time each app consumes. When I first started using this the numbers were disgusting. Don’t let the excuse, “I use if for work” sit with you. Even if that is true do you still need to pick up your phone 67 times in a day to check your home screen? Moment reminds us how connected we are to our phones, and helps break the habit.

Mind Training:

Lumosity– Lumosity is an authority on brain exercised dedicated to helping you stay at the top of your game. Their app has daily games and activities that take only a few minutes to do, but help keep your brain sharp.

Relax Melodies– Sleep is crucial to success. Mix the sounds you want to hear, such as a rain on a roof with rushing water, set a length if play, and a subtle background note for added white noise and you will be asleep in no time. Great customization, many sound options, and there are even sleep meditation add ons.

Duolingo– Best language learning platform I have found. I’ve tried Rosetta Stone, livemocha, anki, and a bunch of other ones and Duolingo still ranks as my top platform. They have speaking bots to converse with, you can test out of levels so you aren’t wasting your time with basic words and phrases if you know them already. Best of all, what you learn is practical.

Mindful Moments– This is a great daily primer, presented by Shine texts. Start your day with a short video or audio clip that focuses on love, motivation, acceptance, gratitude, and a whole bunch of other important topics. I was hooked from the first time I used this app, and tend to listen to something daily when I encounter a mid morning lull. The clips are short and powerful, a great combination in my opinion. They even text daily short motivational texts via Shine Texts, their startup platform and still thriving program. It is like having a life coach in your pocket.