I’m an addict. We are all. The difference between ending up chasing a substance high and using that addiction to fuel you is a few degrees. Or maybe your addiction is cigars, gambling, caffeine, social media, t.v., or binge eating. We can all easily become the addict without the right direction.

Creativity, hard work, grinding needs an outlet, a chance to escape from reality and explore the possibilities of the mind or relax. I wrote this book to explore healthy outlets to addiction. When you have a bad day and things do not go your way are you turning to substances for a release, or a healthy alternative? If you are a creative, constantly building, designing, and making do you face days where you’d rather drive to Mexico than face another minute of your journey?

This book lays out healthy alternatives for your mind and body that help you grow, not strangle you beneath addiction. Want to overcome addiction? Or learn how to develop healthy addictions? Need some tips and useful ways to stay on track?

Filled with actionable steps for developing healthy addictions this book is a wealth of information on living well.

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We are all addicted to something. Coffee, television, spectator sports, alcohol, drugs, gambling, social media. The list goes on and on. Starting with a step by step process for how to overcome negative addictions the book then turns attention on ways to develop healthy addictions. Become healthier, less dependent on things, improve relationships, and take control of your life.


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The Resources Series

This book is part of the resources series, a collection of books helping you hone your greatest resources.

We’re taking the negative and making it positive.

Own your resources and own your life. Take things like decision making, patience, leadership, and healthy addictions and learn to outsource or develop efficient processes so you can get back to focusing on your most precious resource- you.

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