There is a very horrible bias floating around, pervading every aspect of our actions. This is the most destructive thought around, a thought so ugly I get disgusted even thinking about it. At first the thought is small, just a doubt. But this sliver embeds itself deep in your brain, and causes a hemorrhage. Before you know what happened you are bleeding out your eye balls, and all because of one stupid thought, one stupid negativity bias…you think you aren’t good enough.

Deny this if you want, but your life says otherwise. If you believed in your self-worth would you live the life you are now living? Would you surround yourself with different people? Would you still be working where you are? Would your actions be different? Because, I gotta tell you, there is a difference between someone who goes all in on himself and a person that lives with doubt. I can spot it in an instant, with only a brief conversation. Sometimes I don’t even need a conversation. You ooze doubt in your posture, your smile, your eyes.

The Negativity Bias

Has anyone told you this before? I doubt it. Do you know why? Because everyone is this way, so why would anyone point out the seed of their own failure? Instead, they would continue on in that job they hate, in that passionless relationship, in that bored life filled with escapes.

So let me tell you an important truth of life- we generally get what we deserve. Do you feel like the life you have isn’t what you deserve? Well, then you’re making decisions out of doubt that have put you there. But, good news. Getting out is easy if you muster up the courage to act.

Now is the time to stop letting yourself down. You know what you need to do, but acting is tough, quite possibly the toughest thing in the world. So, choose to not act then. You’ll life will never change without a bit of chaos. But, I’m sure you still think your life is not so bad, and that a negativity bias isn’t strangling the life out of you.

Screwing up sometimes is better than doing nothing all the time.

But, if you are courageous enough to admit your life might need some work, and whose life does not need work, then we need to act. Break things, create messes, be an agent of chaos. Good things come from chaos. Just do something. Who cares if it is right, because after all, you aren’t doing anything now and that certainly is not right. So take some chances. Act. Do something. Make waves. You are gonna screw things up for sure, but keep going. Screwing up sometimes is better than doing nothing all the time.

Here’s why you need to start breaking things in your life. You are good enough. You are a great human and you deserve the best for yourself so start believing it. I don’t know when the last time someone told you that was, so I am telling you now. Thank you for being an inspiration to someone, for changing a life. Now get out there and change your own.

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