Consulting Services

A business is only as good as its system, and HM Business Consulting is an expert in business systems and organizational design.


Projection Modeling

Utilizing custom made business models, backed by industry research, HM Business Consulting projects business expenses and revenue. These models allow for variable manipulation to find the best business solutions for your needs.


Systems and Organization Design

By creating organizational systems tailored to specific business interests we ensure operations are complete and efficient. No missing pieces. No huge, unknown expenses. Just results based on industry experience.


Multi Industry Experts

Our clients come from all over. We represent individuals in renewable energy, hospitality, resort and lifestyle recreation, technology, brand management, and more. HM Business Consulting has  10+ years of experience developing and managing systems across a wide discipline of clients.


Bold Solutions

No one size fits all mold around here. HM Business Consulting relies on custom solutions  designed specifically for each client, ensuring you get the results you pay for and not just a template design.

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What Clients Say

“Hank is a thoughtful, insightful person with a knack for connecting with other people. He has natural leadership qualities that make people want to follow him, and a genuine interest in the lives of others.”

Corday G.



“HMBC is not hesitant to take the lead, or to lend a hand, always maintaining a balance of service and giving to others that is commendable. “

Brian S.