The key to succeeding at anything is showing up every day. When we do not see instant results discouragement pushes us to quit. The problem is not that we cannot play a long game, but that we need regular signs to show us that we are on the right path. Without those signs for motivation we doubt ourselves.

We think ourselves crazy. Why do I do this? What am I working so hard for? Self doubt sets in and we entertain the idea of giving up. We want the easy path and need to convince ourselves that what we are doing is where we need to be. When this happens, if we can just continue pushing forward, even in small increments, we’ll win in the end.

If you keep doing the work, if you maintain consistency when you doubt, then you will succeed. Doubt makes us lose our passion for a thing. Continuing to trust the work and do the work re-centers us as to why we started the work in the first place. When shit hits the fan, and the plan we have in our head falls apart in reality, hanging in there seems impossible.

The inner critic hurts the most. She wants us to give up when we are exactly where we need to be. She wants us to go back to making life easy again. The thing about doubt is that no matter where you are in life it exists. What changes is your ability to remain consistent and focus on the voices that propel you forward, and not the voices that try holding you back.

You must do what 99% of people cannot do if you want to be in that 1% crowd.

Sometimes doubt may weight so heavily on you that only the ability to produce small actions exists. Produce those things regardless. Keep going forward, even when you just want to lie down and do nothing. Showing up every day is the most important thing to success. You might not get it right every single day, but you will have more than enough opportunities to succeed. You do not need to bat 100% to win. In fact, that is impossible.

You just need to keep stepping up to the plate and swinging, even if you get hit by a pitch now and again. Too many get discouraged at the first sign of difficulty. Getting uncommon results means suffering uncommon consequences. You must do what 99% of people cannot do if you want to be in that 1% crowd. Can you do that? Can you look discouragement in the face and continue on? Can the world fall apart around you, crumbling like sand through your fingers, as you look on, powerless against the inevitable changes?

These most painful moments often occur right before we get to where we need to be. But, these times can drain us so much that we give up instead of sticking it out. We think the burden is too heavy, the cost too much. In that moment anyway. In truth, the cost is nothing compared to the reward. And what is a cost anyway, but an investment in to something greater and far better than what we currently have?

So even on your worst days– show up. Do the work. Remain consistent. Be present, even if it hurts. Because one day the hurt, the doubt… those things will look like hills from atop your mountain. Climb on.

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