It is a well known fact of life that whoever dies with the most shit wins. So well known that we are willing to take any job that pays us well, despite the value received for future career prospects and goals.

Especially when younger, being swayed by money can lead you in to a career that you do not desire. I see this all the time, and cringe every time someone makes a short sighted decision based on money.

Instead of taking a job that furthers your passion or helps you develop skills in whatever area you want to pursue, money beckons us. In chasing the money we often put ourselves further away from our goals. With just a little patience, and sucking up a low wage, or even working for free, great opportunities present themselves.

When you accept little monies or no money for work people see how devoted and passionate you are about your chosen area. These people will go above and beyond to help you succeed when you have proven yourself.

When you do good work for little pay, people will reward you with more opportunities because you proved your ability to do what is necessary to succeed. But, what is happening now is that we are accepting a lot of pay for being a regular old desk jockey. We do not care about the skills acquired or how a certain job furthers our larger ambitions. Then we wonder why we are not doing something we enjoy. Well, the truth is that good jobs are competitive and you can separate yourself by doing what no others are willing to do.

Are you willing to work for free doing what you love? Can you accept a substantial pay cut to move in to your career of choice? If you are not where you want to be have you ever wondered if choosing the uncommon path can get you there?

Lack of patience and shortsightedness leads to unhappiness because we make decisions that benefit us now, not set us up for greater success later. Our society is Keynesian to the core, embracing the philosophy that we’ll all be dead in the long term so it doesn’t matter. Well, the long term has arrived, and we’re still here.

Look at the state of world economics, financial positions, and life. This current situation is a result of kicking the can down the road, until right now. We’ve got some work to do in the United States and the world.

So do you in your own life. Ask yourself, are you doing things for the money or for the love of what you do? We believe the two cannot exist because we have always chased wealth at the expense of doing what we love. In reality, we have no idea whether the two can coexist. We’ve never tried.

As someone who has played the long game, taken crappy jobs, or low paying opportunities, I can tell you that you will eventually get where you need to go, and you will have done it by finding a way to follow your passion and make a living. Just have patience.

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