can or cannot

Do you think you can or cannot do most things? If you often think something is not possible for you, maybe the problem is not that you suck, but that your thinking sucks.

Those that can and those that cannot are separated by very little, but what separates them makes all the difference. Most live with a cannot mentality, ignorant to the unrealized potential within, and okay with floating by. You know these sort of people. You might even be this sort of person.

The cannot person does just enough to get by. No more. No less. Just enough. This person has an opinion on all the problems in the world, but no drive to solve them. The cannot person makes excuses and blames instead of taking responsibility for his/ her own life and finding a way to persevere.

What this means is that, in reality, while the naysayer is dwelling on why he cannot do something the person of action is exploring all the potential ways why he can do something. Can, or cannot. That thinking makes all the difference, and is one of the biggest separators between the winner and the loser.

And I’m not talking about winning in a competition or business. I am talking about winning in life. Those that are happy are winners. Those that live desperate, unhappy lives hoping for some strike of good fortune are losers. The latter type of people accept cannot as the status quo for most parts of their lives.

As master of the thoughts you foster, your ability to accomplish great things lies in whether or not you believe you can or cannot do something. Think you cannot do something and you have already lost. There is no way that you will accomplish whatever task or venture you are embarking upon. But, think that you can, and your mind will open to the possible ways you can succeed.

We make ourselves by how we face the things we can control. Just like you do not want to surround yourself with negative people because they bring you down, your mind does not want to be surrounded by your negative thoughts. Instead, your mind calls it quits instead of listening to all the ways you cannot do something. Your mind agrees you cannot do something and moves on.

Those thoughts of failure you believe in are part of an old way of thinking that you must destroy. From a very young age on you were told to think a certain way, to do certain things, and not do others. All this did was condition your mind to set boundaries for what was and what was not possible. Now is the time to rethink those boundaries, to questions all of the things you cannot do, and see which of those things are just stories about limitations you tell yourself and which ones are really things you can or cannot do.

I am not telling you that the world is yours for the taking, and that you have infinite possibilities, because that would be optimistic ignorance, but I am saying that you are selling yourself short because of your negative thoughts. So many want to improve the circumstances of their lives, but are unwilling to improve their actions to create new circumstances.

Sometimes you need to tell your mind to shut up so you can do the hard work that needs to be done to get you where you want to be. In many instances, can or cannot is just a matter of perspective. Change your perspective, change your life.

Or, maybe I do not know what I am talking about. After all, I’m not an expert on cannot. I removed that word from my vocabulary a long time ago.

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