10 quick tips for self improvement

These ten quick tips for self improvement and corresponding quick moves (a short action step designed to get you taking action right now) will improve your life right now.

I guarantee that if you do these tips, plus the other 50 I’ve laid out in my special report, you will not only be a much better leader but person as well. I cannot tell you how these things will change your life. I can say that there was a time when I was so depressed and beaten down that I didn’t want to even get off the floor. I followed all of these tips and changed my life.

I decided to take 20 minutes a day to make myself a better person. And it worked. I became happy. Now, every time I stray from these moves I find myself sliding back down to the floor. I don’t know how these things will change your life, but I do know that if you do follow through with this your life will be forever different.

10 Quick Tips for Self Improvement

  1. Do Not Cuss– Wear a rubber band on your wrist. If you cuss switch the rubber band to the other wrist. Go a full week without switching the rubber band.
  2. Always Say Please and Thank You- In every email you write today include a “thank you.”
  3. Eat Healthy- Have a salad for lunch today.
  4. Appreciate People- If your child, wife, or a colleague does something that you appreciate say, “I appreciate you.”
  5. Take Days Off- On Sunday do not use your cellphone for anything except essential apps. (Maps and phone calls to coordinate plans only)
  6. Speak with Honesty- Record an audio clip on your phone of your thoughts at the moment. Be honest about how you are feeling. Then delete the audio clip so know one can hear it. First part of being honest with others is honesty with yourself.
  7. Be Flexible- This week when someone asks you to do something that goes outside the norm of your life say yes. It could be going for beers after work. Going for a run. Going to a comedy show. Whatever it is, when you feel that hesitation to say no…say yes.
  8. Be a Stoke Broker- Spread positive not negative vibes this week. Find appreciation and gratitude for everything that happens and reflect that outward
  9. Help People Leave Stronger Than They Came- Help someone become a better person today. Could be as simple as showing respect, or as heaving as giving good advice.
  10. Never Make Emotional Decisions- Reflect on any bad decision you made in the last month. Were you emotional when you made that decision? In hindsight, what could you have done different?

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